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Climate Jobs National Resource Center

Campaign Director

Building union coalitions across the country to drive a just transition to renewable energy—and a renaissance for the American labor movement. 


Green New Deal Network

Strategic Consultant

Helped a nationwide coalition of racial, economic, and climate justice organizations tell Biden and the Dems to stop bargaining against themselves and invest $10 trillion to save the country from climate disaster and create millions of good jobs.

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#Vote Trump Out

Campaign Director

Reached out to ~2 million fellow Bernie supporters in swing states to help them mourn the primary, get their strategic bearings, and then throw down hard to defeat Donald Trump. 


NY Renews

Campaign Coordinator

Coordinated a statewide coalition campaign to pass the most ambitious climate justice legislation in the country, the New York Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act. Took a lot of calls. 


Sierra Club

New York Organizer

Organized New Yorkers to shut down the state's last remaining coal plants and secure the nation's largest offshore wind project, forthcoming in 2023 off the coast of Long Island. Herded cats for the 2014 People's Climate March.

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Brown Divest Coal


Campaigned to get Brown University to stand with its students and divest from the fossil fuel industry. It only took them eight years.

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